From youth athletes working to make the team to professionals looking for an extra step in the off-season, all athletes will benefit from The HCL training experience.

•  Youth Training

•  College Elite Training

•  Pro Training

•  Adult Training

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Our Speed and Skill Sessions are comprehensive programs that focus on explosive power, speed, agility, quickness, and football specific reactions.  With this in mind we gear our program towards meeting the specific needs of each individual.

HCL camps and sessions are designed to teach and improve fundamental skills in football, provide a high level of conditioning, high quality athletic development as well as character building with a focus on sound principles that develop each individual spiritually.

Defensive and Offensive position skills are focused upon for individual development.
Participants participate in strength, agility, speed and power training.
Focus groups provide opportunities to learn what challenges you and what strengths you possess. In addition, recruiting seminars provide parents and athletes with tools to empower them to ensure athletic success. 

Developing Mind, Body, & Spirit of an Athlete

Athletic Training & Performance


Performance Training

    Speed - Proper running mechanics

    Agility - Eliminate false step and improve lateral reaction

    Power - Proper strength training and plyometrics

    Conditioning - Sport-related conditioning to improve work capacity

    Flexibility - Increasing joint and muscle range of motion and durability